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In Defence of Easy Travel

Easy Travel This article may contain affiliate links - read more about this here. If you read my articles often you’ll have noticed that I have particular disdain for those who are judgemental jerks. A pattern I have noticed recently is people... Review: Why Do I Use It

Booking.Com - My Choice     I use Booking.Com to make my accommodation arrangements. I always have, ever since I started travelling in 2012. The times I have needed extra customer service, they have been lovely. I have had so many bookings I can't really remember them...

5 Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List of Experiences There are some affiliate links here, this doesn't cost you any extra - learn more about this here. So many people are driven by lists of *countries* to go to - including me - but writing that post I started thinking about what things I want...

Crocodile On The Sandbank – Amelia Peabody Mysteries

Crocodile on the Sand Bank – Amelia Peabody Mysteries Elizabeth Peters was a stunning individual, not only was she an Egyptologist but she authored several novels under various names. Elizabeth Peters is not her real name either, her real name is Barbara Louise Mertz....

Top 5 Countries To See

Only 5 New Places to Go ... Ever Again So, I have been to a few places - not so many as some people but I have been very lucky. I am also returning to a lot of places; I go to Greece every year, I have already been to Sweden this year - and four times last year, and I...

How To Deal When Everything Goes Wrong

Travel Lessons: How To Deal, When Everything Goes Wrong The easiest thing to do, is panic. The best thing to do is deal with it. But that’s easier said than done. Travelling has taught me many things, but honestly I think it is this trip that taught me the most. See...


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